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Enjoy the lifestyle you may have always dreamed of.

Experience a seamless investment strategy in which a team of highly qualified professionals source and select only the best investment opportunities for you.

Upon you becoming a joint venture partner, you may rest assured that our team of investment financiers will asset manage and protect your interests in a very transparent environment.

Meet The Love Apartments Team

Rayna Mike, CEO & Owner

The Golden Goose of Multifamily & The Bulgarian Brute of Broker Relations

With 22 years experience in real estate and mortgage banking, Rayna has seen the industry from all sides. She is the CEO of Love Apartments which currently has 968 units in Memphis, TN. Rayna is responsible for company strategy, placing properties under contract and managing the assets. She is an 8x award recipient of both “Who’s Who in Finance” and “Who’s Who in Real Estate” as well as being named “Republican Business Woman of the Year,” 3 different times. Rayna received her MBA and JD from UCLA and now currently lives in Memphis, TN with her husband. She loves to travel, read, sing and hang out with her daughter, Sophia.

Drew Sipila, Managing Partner

Drew Sipila is an entertainer and real estate syndicator based in St Paul, MN. He started his career in IT with US Bancorp Investments and invested in his first single family household in 2018. In September 2021, he founded Rising Capital Partners, a commercial real estate firm focused on acquisitions, underwriting, consulting, and asset management for multifamily properties and office buildings.

Sophia Mike, Managing Partner

Sophia has been in the real estate business with her family since she was 6 years old. After graduating San Francisco State University, she has made multifamily real estate a passion. She has experience as an owner-operator of over 500 units in Memphis, TN. She takes pride in improving the investors bottom line with integrity, heart and performance. Sophia knows firsthand how to turnaround under-performing operations and lead customer focused teams. She loves to serve the community and spend time with her family. Sophia currently goes back in forth between Southern California and Memphis managing operations.

Why Us

We bring to bear 35 years of experience in real estate from acquisitions, financing, development, partnerships, short sales, distressed properties and disposition.

We focus our knowledge, networks, and professional teams to grow generational passive cash flow together.

We mitigate risk and maximize your investment potential.

Strong personal relationships with every client make them part of our investment family.

The merits of an investment opportunity are dependent on a projected hold period and exit strategy.

Our asset management team intimately directs all aspects of the company’s operations and provides a coherent vision for balancing varied operational contingencies within the overall investment objective. From acquisition to disposition, we proactively manage each property, monitoring market conditions, capital requirements, operational issues, and debt financing to identify and achieve savings, higher efficiencies and enhance property value and investment return metrics.

We employ vital “best available” systems and tools with transparency and full compliance at all times. We have extremely successful proven track records (Check us out at LinkedIn).

Abundant investor referrals are a strong testimony to our methods. We are a safe reliable investment vehicle for our passive investors, demonstrated by comprehensive solutions with key metrics to achieve their financial goals.

We are welcomed by strong community support because we provide quality housing for our tenants as we redevelop and revive neighborhoods and create a safe place for families to thrive.

We maintain close interaction with property management and leasing teams to identify and pursue the projects that will attract and retain tenants and lower operating costs. We maximize your returns with carefully selected capital improvement projects. Most of these are incorporated with the original underwriting, providing significantly upgraded properties to market. well planned exit strategies ultimately ensure a broader appeal to new buyers or allow for beneficial re-financing terms.

When abundant opportunities requiring quick due diligence, prompt action, financial integrity, we are there. Join us.

We Make Investing As Easy As 1 – 2 – 3

1. Get Qualified

Schedule an appointment with our team to discover what type of investor you are.

2. Choose Properties

Love Apartments will provide you with up to date availability on our upcoming investment projects

3. Build Wealth

Wire funds to a third party escrow account after signing incorporating documents for your percentage of ownership in a joint venture in a high yielding cash flow apartment building.

Afterwards you will sign incorporating documents for your percentage of ownership on high yielding cash flow apartment buildings which will provide the basis for creating generational wealth for a lifetime and certainly a legacy to be proud of.


when the property pays you:

  1. Buy, Rehab sell for profit
  2. Buy, Rehab keep for cash flow
  3. Buy, Rehab keep for cash flow, Refinance cash out Buy more (REPEAT)

Although we cannot guarantee any return rate, our entry level investment will be bought 10-50% below market value, we will rehab and re position the building and max occupancy within a short period of time, it will have a minimum target of 10% annual return plus the accelerated equity appreciation, and the year over year appreciation. All together our investments generally are projected to make cash on cash returns between 15%-50%+ with minimum terms of 3 years. We have stabilized properties that are the lowest return but safe and turnkey just park you investment capital and start collecting checks. Or try a larger risk with a large value add re position opportunity and watch your returns soar, you just usually have to wait 6-24 months to see the max cash flow and appreciation. We are vested in every deal and we don’t make money unless you make money so we strive to make it a turnkey experience from beginning to end with a mutual beneficial goal and win, win philosophy for all.

Commercial Deals

We finance, buy, manage, fix, hold, and sell multi family, mixed use, office space, storage facilities, marinas, resorts and

solar renewable energy/contracts when and where the numbers makes sense.

The diverse background and disciplines of the our team facilitates the desirable, detailed development of these varied opportunities.


We gather vital data as it relates to the property’s historical performance and reliability.

During the due diligence process, our specialized business units take on various responsibilities.

For example, members of the executive committee, property management staff and leasing team conduct tenant interviews to develop a better understanding of their current conditions and gain tenant support. Any identified shortcomings associated with the property are quantified and factored into the final negotiations of the purchase and sale agreement.


Projects are prioritized based on accelerated equity factors “Acquisition Equity” and strong well leveraged equity growth potential.

Our local scouting team identifies potential acquisition targets by scouring the market for properties that meet basic fundamental objectives.

A preliminary analysis is conducted of valuation, price, tax history, environmental implications, market data and other relevant assessment criteria.

Specific underwriting guidelines are also established to determine a property’s projected financial performance, a timeline associated with achieving stability and formulating exit strategies based on submarket trends and debt market forecasts. This data is entered into our comprehensive financial model. The investment analysis is refined as due diligence provides more market intelligence to help us negotiate preliminary terms.

Buy below market value

(Example: Purchase $50,000 Appraisal $100,000 Equity $50,000 at time of purchase 50 cents on the dollar)

Value Added Rehab/”sweat equity”/

(Example: Purchase for $50,000 Rehab for $50,000 ARV $200,000 $100,000 of accelerated equity from rehab)

Emerging markets fuel year over year appreciation and grows equity

(Example: Memphis was suppose to grow at a rate of 2-3% last year but last year grew 6.8%)

When all three of these Accelerated Equity Factors are present we invest to supercharge your passive cash flow path to generational wealth!

Ready To Invest And Grow Your Property Portfolio?

Meet Rayna Mike

Rayna is a globally recognized authority on property investing and building wealth.

My team brings you 35 years of experience in real estate from acquisitions, financing, development, partnerships, short sales, distressed properties and disposition. We focus our knowledge, networks, and professional teams to grow generational passive cash flow together.

We mitigate risk and maximize your investment potential. Strong personal relationships with every client make them part of our investment family. Schedule an Appointment –>

Real Estate Entrepreneur & Founder of MyLoveApartments.com, Rayna Mike

What Our Investors Are Saying

I was looking to invest in bigger projects. Rayna and her team helped me get started investing in commercial real estate and added more diversification to my portfolio. Love doing business with them!

– Phillip

MyLoveApartments helped me increase my returns and helped me get my real estate business established – hands off! Now I sit back and watch the checks come in! I highly recommend MyLoveApartments to all investors.

– Donna

When I was branching out into commercial real estate projects and apartment complexes, I knew I needed an expert. When I met Rayna, she showed me the possibilities and explained everything in a way that made sense. Since then we’ve more than doubled our revenue from their assistance and strategy.

– Randall